Boost Your INternet Speed 300% Faster

This tutorial is for those who are experiencing slow internet connection. You know, it somehow becomes awkward when your connection to the internet crawl like snail; to load a page on a slow network takes eternity to open.
Or have you ever been to a Cyber Café, where their internet connection  takes up to  20min to open a webpage? Perhaps, mtn is intentionally slowing down your magic sim because it is hacked, then this tutorial will bail you out of your predicament.


I will quickly introduce you to INTERNET SPEED UP. Internet Speed up is a software that  enhances your

Internet Speed! It boosts your internet connection and improves your Internet speeds up to 300%. Not only that, free Internet Speed up can increase the performance of your existing modem/network hardware by optimizing Windows modem/network settings to maximize the efficiency of your current hardware.

Why Should I Use Internet Speed Up?

==>Faster internet surfing

==>Keep your connection secure
==>Speed up your modem, Cable, DSL and ISDN (LAN connection) speed
==>Add three more speeds greater than 115200 to your modem settings
==>Speed up your internet connection without any networking & communication background
==>Achieve all this just by a couple of mouse clicks
==>No more different settings trying
==>Advanced crash recovery


Where Can I Download Internet Speed Up?
To download internet Speed up, just click on this link
It is also available in Google play for all android users. Flex and stabilize your connection. This is the only antidote to feeble, crawling, motionless magic sim network.

How To Transfer MB From One MTN Sim To Another

Good Morning friends,

This simple tutorial will show you how to transfer Megabytesfrom one mtn line to another just like the way Airtel users normally transfer their own.
How Can I Transfer Megabytes To Another MTN line?
Before I begin, make sure you have enough Megabytes on your MTN line if not you will get an error message.
 1.  Dial *131*2#  and choose ‘Register Data Service’. Once you choose that, a text will be sent to you that you have successfully registered on Mtn services and your default pin is ‘0000’. Just follow the instruction their and change your pin.
2. Click on Data Share
3. Add Beneficiary
4. Enter Beneficiaries Number
5. Enter the amount of Mb you want to transfer.
That’s it. 
NB: Should in case you get an invalid pin in the process of doing this, try it again as it may be a temporary network problem.

VirtaPay Is Dishing Out $100 For All

Good Day Pals, This is An Opportunity You Cannot Afford To Miss!!!

I just stumbled on a website today where you’ll be given $100 instantly after you just register with them, it doesn’t just end there, you get $20 every day and also $25 for your referrals.

Why you should join today…

  • You start with $100 in your VirtaPay account and it’s free.
  • Earn up to $20 per day in your account for participating as we continue to develop our service.
  • Get a $25 bonus for each new user you refer.
  • You’ll be an EarlyBird user—your participation will help shape the development of this amazing new virtual currency system.
  • You may be invited to participate in the beta test of our upcoming debit card system, once we have reached our growth targets.
  • You can earn money to your existing bank account by sharing VirtaPay or by selling high-quality digital goods using VirtaPay. join now

        see you at the other side…

How To Get Up To 19GB Of Data For Free On Your Airtel Sim


Good Morning Pals, Hope you all enjoyed you Weekends. This morning am going to give you a tutorial on how to get up to 19GB on your airtel sim card completely for free with just N100 on your sim card.


–Get a phone one which is small nokia like
touch light

–Just simple nokia product to perform the
operation on airtel netwrk…

–put your airtel sim and load #100
credit on the sim then save discode in your
contact *440*333#2# name it A so that it will
come 1st in your contact.

–Then call any airtel line if you have another
phone with you just put airtel sim and call…
While its ringing, dont pick the call with the
other phone. Just quickly scroll to your
contact and dial the code if it show “request
done!” just back it with the back key… not the
red key… and dial again until the call hang up
by it self…
Check your mb with *123*10# you shall see the

— Continue the process and your mb will be
increasing for the number of times you call and
dial the code with it… and the most magical
thing is that your #100 is still intact…
But if you dont do it according to this tutorial
your #100 will be deducted…….

Drop you comments and questions…

Etisalat Magic Sim Exposed!!! – Browse, Ping & Download Unlimitedly for Life!!!

Good morning guys, I know we have been waiting earnestly for this tweak for a very long time. Well, I intentionally delayed it so that I can verify it’s authenticity. I bet by the time you finish reading this post, your mind will be blown up because it’s what you least expected.
This tutorial is actually for all my blackberry users  this time and it will save your pocket of monthly bis subscription till your next birthday celebration. Though some people may call it Etisalat Magic Sim but I will call it Etisalat Eternity browsing  Sim because with this Sim, you don’t  need to worry over any form of blackberry subscription again.

Benefits Of This Etisalat Eternity Browsing Sim
==>You don’t need to be worried of subscribing for any BIS again
==>Pinging  and downloading unlimited
==>No expiry date
==>Fast and reliable in a 3.G network area
Can This Sim Work On Other Device?
Nope! Only for Blackberry Users. Android, Symbians, and Iphone users can not partake of it except I

device a means of breaking through with the Apn settings.

How Do I Activate My Etisalat To Ping Unlimited?
There are two methods of activation, but I will only share method one with  you guys and method two I will share it with my grandma alone.
Method one only need 100 to activate while method two only need 1000 to activate. It sounds so weird but through. I activated method two  2 months ago and it’s been rocking all the way.
This is the deal, if you need it, just drop your mail and you will have it in your inbox before the breaking of a brand new day.
NB: Only Blackberry users can benefit from it ooo.

Cellphone Conspiracy is Revealed

Exposed: Cellphone Company’s Big Secret
Whoaaa… My cell phone makes me $4K a Day
Cellphone Conspiracy Makes $4K a Day
LIVE: Training shows how $10K a Day is made


Have you ever made money using your cell phone?

Here’s a Live Training Video showing you
case studies of beginners and normal people
just like you, making $4,000 a Day using
their cell phones

– No Experience Necessary
– Beginners preferred
– No websites needed
– No CPA
– No PPC
– No One Click Wonder
– No Fake Gurus
– Live Proof and Live Case Studies

95,000 People before you can’t be wrong

I’ve said enough…

Turn Your Symbian Phones into a Mobile Wifi Hotspot

DO you know that you can turn your Symbian Phones into a mobile wireless hotspot…? If your answer is “yes”, then you’re safe but if your answer is “no”, the read on because am about to reveal to you what and what you need to know about making your Symbian phone a wifi hotspot.

Joiku Spot:  Joikuspot  is a  Symbian Phone application that  allows your Phone serve as a Server powering other devices such as your Laptops, iPads, Android  and other device connect to Access the Internet. It’s just like using a Mifi modem but this is different from a Mifi modem but does almost the same thing with the Mifi modem. Imaging me with my unlimited magic simthat has been browsing for free for quit some months ago, distributing my internet access to my friends for free.  It sounds so great friends.

How Can I Turn My Phone Into a Server?

  1. Download JoikuSpot light version here and Premium version here – install
  2. After Installation, go to installation or applications on your phone desktop and you will see the installed JoikuSpot – click on it and It will Ask you to Press Yes/No for Sharing
  3. Click on Yes and then choose any of the Access Point depending on the one you use on your Phone.

Once that is done,your friends can use their phone or PC  to search for WLan, they will see your Wlan Server and can connect to it and start browsing on their own phone.

Device That Can Connect To Your Phone WireLan
All Type of Device can Connect to your Phone Wlan Server, All they have to do is to Search for Wireless lan on their Device e.g PHONE, LAPTOP, IPHONE, IPOD, ANDROID and also PSP and then connect to your Phone, Then Start Browsing.

Blackberry users don’t need this tutorial because they already have a tethering app; and Android users can always make use of Azilink/Tunnelblick

Don’t hesitate to always use the comments box to ask your question friends.

BBM Now Coming to Android & iOS


CEO Thorsten Heins announced BBM will soon be available on Android and iOS. The messaging app will launch globally this summer. This is a huge move for BlackBerry as it brings BB10′s strongest feature to literally hundreds of millions of potential users.

“It is a state of confidence,” Heins explained. “The BB10 platform is so strong and the response has been so good that the time is right for BBM to become an independent mobile messaging platform.”

The app will be free on both Android and iOS. Much like other messaging apps, it will be a standalone application. iOS 6 or Ice Cream Sandwich will be required.

Initially, only messaging and group features will be available. But Heins promised that the rest of BBM will eventually make its way to the Android and iOS versions including screen sharing, BBM voice and the just-announced BBM channels.

We are making the BBM platform more powerful than ever”, Heins proudly stated. And with this very uncharacteristic move from BlackBerry, it’s hard to argue against his statement.

It’s clear BlackBerry is finally waking up. They are no longer the big dog in the mobile war. If they are to survive, the company needs to forge new relationships and learn to work well with the two reigning platforms. This move to put BBM on Android and iOS is a big step forward. BlackBerry might actually have a chance.

How to have access to Facebook for Free

Good Morning pals, hope you all enjoyed your weekends. Today I’ll be revealing to those who were unable to activate their MTN magic sim and those who are using GLO and other lines how to browse Facebook for free. You might have heard about Facebook Zero from MTN and also from GLO which allows you access Facebook free of charge.

To use this free access to Facebook even if you have 0.00 account balance, just simply open your browser and then on your address bar where you enter your web address, write (i.e. zero dot Facebook dot com) It will open Facebook homepage for free. Isn’t that as easy as ABC.

Enjoy…and leave your comments

How to get NGN800 Mtn Airtime for Free Of Charge (FOC)

My people, if MTN remain in Naija, believe me, we the naijageeks are just going to run them down but we pray they still remain so as to enable use continue cutting our own share of the national cake from them. I also want to use this opportunity to wish you a happy new month of June. This morning I’ll be showing you how I got N800 free airtime with my mtn sim, thanks to yomiprof, my very good friend who shared this tweak with me and now am sharing it with you.
This is how we do it
Send your mothers maiden name you use in registering your mtn line to 799 e.g Rebecca to 799 and
 immediately your line will be credited with #400.
After like six minutes, send 01/01/1980 to the same number 799 and again it will be credited with another 400 making it #800. To check your balance, dial *559#
Try it out and enjoy what I am currently enjoying for the weekend.

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